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Lyric/Chord Sheets added for Gin Soaked Boy at Jean's request

Lyric/Chord Sheets added for Baby Don't Lie, Tired Skin (Jukesville) and Havin' A Party (Misc). Also added some Little Steven songs under Miscellaneous namely Forever, Until The Good Is Gone, Princess Of Little Italy and Bitter Fruit. Season's greetings to you all!

Backing track and full score transcription added for I Played The Fool

Lyric/Chord Sheets added for Jukesville versions of Gladly Go Blind and I Will Be Strong. Site earns Southside Johnny Fan Of The Month honour!

Lyric/Chord Sheets added for How Come You Treat Me So Bad? and I Choose To Sing The Blues. This completes the chords for every Steve Van Zandt number recorded by The Jukes and the entirety of the first five albums plus Better Days!.

Page added for Jukesville and Lyric/Chord Sheets added for Passion Street, She's Still In Love and No Easy Way Down.

Lyric/Chord Sheets added for Check Mr Popeye, She Got Me Where She Wants Me, Some Things Just Don't Change, Little Girl So Fine, I Ain't Got The Fever No More and When You Dance. Typo correction to intro and coda of Without Love.

Lyric/Chord Sheets added for Broke Down Piece Of Man, You Mean So Much To Me, Hard To Find, Under The Sun and Baby When The Sun Goes Down. Typo correction to coda of This Time It's For Real. Minor corrections to the lyrics and chords of The Fever.

Lyric/Chord Sheets added for Sweeter Than Honey, Fannie Mae and Slow Dance. Corrections to verse of I Played The Fool. Saxophone solo score for Slow Dance contributed by Rose Walsh. Consolidated Ruff Stuffs to one page and listed some miscellaneous tracks.

Lyric/Chord Sheet added for Got To Get You Off My Mind. Minor typo corrections to Walk Away Renee, Trapped Again and I Don't Want To Go Home. Corrections to bridge of I Played The Fool.

Added Jan Neersoe's tab in text format for Next To You plus corrections to the chord sheet.

Lyric/Chord Sheets added for Tell Me That Our Love's Still Strong, Gladly Go Blind and I Will Be Strong. This brings the total number of songs transcribed to 50!

Typo corrections to Talk To Me (thanks Kelly!), Trapped Again, I Don't Want To Go Home, The Fever, All The Way Home, Living In The Real World, Why, Restless Heart, On The Beach, Walk Away Renee, It's Been A Long Time. Chord corrections to This Time Baby's Gone For Good, All I Want Is Everything, Vertigo.

Added score for Bobby Malach's tenor solo on Love On The Wrong Side Of Town plus minor typo corrections to the Lyric/Chord sheets for Why, Got To Be A Better Way Home, Hearts Of Stone and It's Been A Long Time.

Added Gareth Thomas's tab in text format for Hearts Of Stone.

Minor typo corrections to I Played The Fool, All Night Long, Better Days, On The Beach Chord sheets. Added Jan's tabs in Text format for I Don't Want To Go Home, Trapped Again, Light Don't Shine, Take It Inside, Ride The Night Away.

Minor typo corrections to Love When It's Strong and the Better Days Chord sheets.
Site goes public.

Lyric/Chord Sheets added for the albums Hearts Of Stone, The Jukes, Love Is A Sacrifice and Better Days

Lyric/Chord Sheets added for This Time It's For Real and First Night with minor corrections to Without Love and I Don't Want To Go Home

Lyric/Chord Sheets added for I Don't Want To Go Home, The Fever, Without Love, Love On The Wrong Side Of Town